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Hello all,

my name is Moh. Iqbal

Personal Data

Birth                              : Gresik, 21 Juni 1983

Gender                         : Male

Status                           : Single

Religion                         : Islam

Citizenship                     : Indonesia

Home Address               : Jl. Raya Bungah No. 42 RT/RW 16/06 Gresik 61152

Places Address               : Jl. Nagoya G 3 No. 20 Puri Surya Jaya Ketajen-Sidoarjo

Phone                           : 081-703-272-183

Email                            :

Hobbies                         : Reading, Bicycle, Jogging and Travelling


Working Experience

2004–Until now at  PT. Pandusiwi Sentosa (PT. Pandulogistics) Jakarta and Surabaya,

IT System and Network Support

  • Develop and directing technology infrastructure for supporting effective and efficient company activities
  • Automated application activity related to data transfer and system
  • Maintenance Windows Advanced Server 2000, Firewall and Mail Server, including the device
  • Develop application with Clipper 5.3 and Visual basic 6.0


2002-2004 PT. PANCABINA (Medical Clinic PUSURA) Surabaya, Jawa Timur

Sytem and Developer Support

  • Control dan maintenance device in every branch
  • Developing and patch application for supporting company activities, developed with Clipper 5.3



2004-2008. Universitas Narotama Surabaya, Faculty Ilmu Komputer, Major Sistem Komputer

2001-2002. Institut Pembangunan Surabaya, D1 Teknik Komputer

1999-2001. SMU Assa’adah Gresik, Focused to IPA

1996-1999. MTs Assa’adah I Gresik

1990-1996. MI Assa’adah Gresik


Train and Course

2008 Linux Implementation, Universitas Narotama, Surabaya

2006 Comfort, Collectivity and Productivity Workshop, Performa Center, Surabaya



Software                       : Office 97/2000/2002/2003/2007, OpenOffice 1, Outlook, Thunderbird

Language                      : Clipper 5.3, Visual Basic 6.0,

Internet                         : HTML, PHP

Operating System           : Windows 9x, Windows NT/2000/2000AS/XP, Novell 4.11, Redhat 6.0

Database                       : MS-SQL 2000, MySQL, xBase, MS-Access

Network System             : Kerio Winroute Firewall, Kerio Mail Server, Smoothwall, ebox

Additional Knowledge      : Understanding TCP/IP, Hardware/Network/Software troubleshooting


Interesting Specialization

– System and Networking Administration




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